Evenflo Tribute LX Car Seat Review

Evenflo Tribute LX Car Seat is a breath of fresh air. Finding an affordable car seat that has a decent safety rating and any type of utility associated with them, forget about it united recently. My partner believed in keeping our child in his lap so that our baby wouldn’t get hurt. This was probably because we could not find aa good seat for the life of us. The Evenflow Tribute LX Car Seat Did chance our lives, however. This advanced model is probably the best in its family and the specifications really tell you why. I have been constantly placed with the help this seat has provided our family.

My partner and I can really enjoy our time in the car now that we know our child is safe in the back seat. Most people are particularly worried about weather their kids will feel unsafe in such seats. However, this has worked out very well for me considering that my child is much more comfortable knowing he has his own space to enjoy. The seat doesn’t take up a lot of space so our little car doesn’t feel to congested either. We take our baby everywhere and don’t have to worry about injuring him in the process. Such investments are always worth considering !\

Evenflo Tribute LX Car Seat


The Evenflo Tribute LX Car Seat is currently priced around 70 dollars and this limits the features that would be available. The material is polyester and plastic and therefor, your child could be harmed if you are impressed with these here is another one for you that you may also like.


You can clean the entire car seat by normal washing methods which can be done through using a dampened wash clash, or wiping the seat with soap. You will need to keep consistent hygienic cheeks since your child may be prone to accidents in the backseat. The dimensions are 25 inches by 17 inches. This provides a comfortable space for your child. The entire seat is properly cushioned so that your child can feel comfortable wherever they decided to tilt their head. A two piece chest clip adds on the security that this car seat provides. It includes a flip down cup holder, an adjustable harness to keep your child comfortable, a level indicator which will ascertain whether the seat has been properly installed. Secondly it also provides LATCH compatibility and this helps you understand that your child is particularly safe.