Britax Chaperone Carseat Review

The Britax Chaperone Carseat: Features and Review

The Britax Chaperone Infant Car Seat provides industry leading front, rear and side impact protection. You can have this carrier as a single piece or in a travel system that also includes chaperone stroller in it. There is special offer waiting for you from the manufacturers of this Britax chaperone product on the purchase of both car seat and the stroller.

New parents are now more relaxed as it is a great system for their infant. There are some noticeable characteristics that make it different from other products. A quick overview is:

  • Special foam cushioning insert for infants four to eleven pounds
  • Easy to browse “bubble” level indicators on each side of carrier
  • Handle will be left in any position whereas in vehicle
  • Anti-rebound bar is extremely nice
  • Generous cushioning and EPS foam

Features of the Britax Chaperone Carseat

Britax Chaperone Car Seat

The Britax chaperone products have been well known in the market from the beginning. The quality of the product is maintained to entertain the users. There are several highlighted features that the products are known for. Some of them are listed below:

  • High-density padded foam is designed to comfort your child with an extra layer of foam.
  • An energy absorbing foam creates an extra layer for head restraint that is important for keeping the head and neck in shape and position. True side impact protection offers deep side walls lined with energy-absorbing foams that are designed to provide shied from crush forces, vehicle collision, and any other accidental shock.
  • Rotational forces from the rear and front collisions are reduced with the help of the anti-rebound bar present on the base of the car seat. It stabilizes the car seat and will minimize the rotation.
  • Five-point harness directs the crash forces towards the strongest part of the structure.
  • All the crash forces are absorbed in the energy absorbing foam liner available in the car seat.
  • Weight capacity is up to 30 pounds to secure the comfort during the first years.
  • Multiple positioned canopy is beneficial to block all the rain, wind and the ultraviolet rays from harming the baby’s skin.
  • Not only the padded cover seat provide the comfort but the matching belly padded cover is attached to enhance the comfort of your child.
  • A very comfortable carry handle is designed for the more easily carrying of the child car seat on your forearm also.
  • You can re-position the shoulder height without rearranging the harness straps with the help of the quick adjust and no re-threading





  • Lower LATCH connectors for a quick and easy installation also features a push button for easy release.
  • Locks off ensures the lap and shoulder belt installation with minimal effort.
  • Effortless front adjustment is provided by the front harness adjustor when you loosen the harness system.
  • A quick reference for proper angle of recline is possible due the easy to read level indicators.
  • It is a self-guided car seat into a proper locked position using an easy to install seat to base design.
  • Height adjustment knob is present on the base for seat angle and positioning.
  • Premature infants or low birth weight child weighing 4-11 pounds can fit into the low birth weight foam.
  • It is certified for aircraft travel.
  • Different colors of seat cover are available that looks really fashionable.

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We have reviewed many car seats over the years, and even though I personally do not care for the car seat cover. I always prefer the safety features and the fact that even a premature baby can fit into the seat. With the special foam insert that stays around the harness and takes up the area around the baby’s head and body. It’s really a dense foam wedge that goes underneath the quilted cover. It’s thick enough that it primarily brings the baby forward and upward. This reduces the height and weight settings of the seat by almost six inches. This is very useful for babies that are born with a low birth weight and premature.

Installation with LATCH and seat-belt are really simple. There is an intrinsic lock off section on the bottom that help you tied the lap and shoulder parts of the seat-belt along. It is easy to use for holding any slack on the LATCH straps out of the approach. There is only one LATCH claims adjuster on one facet, it works well. A  LATCH installation will be tough with one tilt claims adjuster and hook attachment. The Chaperone is comparatively easier to in our passenger van. Once putting in with a lap/shoulder belt, make sure to follow the steps in the manual. It is easier to drag slack from the lap belt to tighten it before you place the shoulder belt underneath the black belt guides.

The Chaperone touts True facet Impact protection. Indeed, to the facet of the top could be a layer of comfort cushioning on the headrest cowl. Underneath, a layer of EPS foam within the wings of the adjustable head section. Then another layer of cushioning on the most cowl. At the end, another layer of EPS foam on the edges of the most shell. The EPS foam lines the facet and back of the top section and also the sides of the most carrier shell. Plus, with seven height changes, 2 crotch buckle positions, and a front harness claims adjuster. There ought to be no issues obtaining the harness to suit properly on most babies.

An upright vehicle seat back will support against the anti-rebound bar, creating an associate degree installation appear. In our passenger van, once I bought the vehicle seat back forward, there was nearly no twist or rotation at the highest of the shell wherever the baby’s head would be. It was absolutely a solid install. A knob is turned to regulate the foot and down just in case you would like additional or less recline. A bubble level is enclosed on all sides of the carrier and is simple to browse. You’ll be able to use a pool noodle below the foot if required for additional recline.

The handle mechanism is simple enough to interact, though it needs 2 hands. It then rotates swimmingly. The carrier pops into the bottom simply and firmly. The discharge mechanism is on the rear of the carrier close to the highest and conjointly works swimmingly. The cover rotates simply and quietly, the conjoint doesn’t lock firmly into a grip. The adjustable height mechanism conjointly works simply. As publicized, the harness doesn’t appear to twist within the buckles, this issue typically is a few things that happen over time. My neighbor had no issues in the slightest degree with the harness adjustment system. She had her girl, properly restrained in only a moment or 2. At thirteen months recent, twenty-nine inches tall and twenty-one pounds, she still has an area to grow. The quilt appears sturdy and therefore the plastic tabs hold it in fine. It’s an awfully soft small fiber material around the head and body, whereas the remainder of material seems to be an additional sturdy and easy-to-clean artificial fabric.

Overall the load and dimensions appear pretty typical. At ten pounds, it’s not terribly significant, however not super lightweight, either. The form and breadth also are fairly average; maybe slightly narrower than a typical baby seat. This could facilitate for a few slender seating positions and three-across installs, however, it ought to still be spacious enough for larger babies. The specs by Britax square measure pretty correct. The bottom is over twenty-four inches long from one finish to the rebound bar. The carrier breadth is regarding 18″ wide at the handles, nearer to 15″ at the highest of the carrier. The seated shoulder slot heights while not the low birth weight insert vary from just below 7″ up to around 11″.

Britax Chaperone Car Seat

If the price isn’t a difficulty, I don’t suppose you may be defeated in the slightest degree with the Chaperone. It’s a particularly nice baby seat overall, particularly for small infants. You get a trendy baby carrier with many distinctive options just like the anti-rebound bar, the newborn foam insert and compatibility with the future Britax Chaperone stroller.

Installation of the newborn baby insert isn’t tough. You need to take away the lower portion of the quilt and also the crotch buckle strap as per the directions within the manual. The insert fits higher than the comfort foam layer and is tall enough to travel simply higher than the shoulder straps in their lowest position. It fits nicely with the leg and crotch straps within the cutout slots. At eleven pounds, you’ll not use the insert and should conjointly move the crotch strap to the outer position.

The downsides of the Chaperone? Like several baby seats, it is created in China. I’m additional willing to pay higher costs for the domestic product (like most alternative Britax models), further as those created elsewhere in North America or Europe. The bottom will appear comparatively long. This might be a difficulty in tiny cars with bottom leg area or those with terribly short seat cushions. The manual doesn’t indicate any problems with overhang, however, there’s a publicity within the Britax list for anyone involved regarding this issue. While not finding the other major flaws within the couple days I’ve had it, I will solely pick apart the twine on the manual for being quite short.

Britax Chaperone Car Seat

You will see that the work is marginal, however the harness slots area are higher than the shoulders and it isn’t nice. You may notice that the particular harness height setting isn’t any lower, however the baby’s body is raised upward to make a shorter effective seated body height. This makes the buckle sit lower and tighter and sounds like it’s going to even facilitate the top from slumping forward to a small degree.