Britax B-Safe Infant Car Seat Review

The britax B-Safe is a wonderful infant seat that mostly experts recommend to people who are expecting a new baby. It is very comfortable to carry child in an comfortable for the child during travel making this a very popular infant car seat.

If you want to use a Britax stroller, then the Britax B-Safe care seat is the one for you. The adapters that come with the car seat and the receivers on the strollers make it flawless to convert ino a Britax Stroller making both into an incredible travel system. If you want to use a non-Britax Stroller, insure you check with that stroller’s manufacture to see if they make a car seat adaptor that is compatible with the Britax Infact seats. It does take a little practice to line up the connector when you are doing in the car seat but it becomes easy very quickly.

The britax B-Safe has 30 lbs weight limit and stated high limit of 32 inches. The Britax B-Safe one drawback that your child will eventually grow it. Although the Britax is a little bit of an expensive product line, however it makes up for it by user convince and quickly craftsmanship. Britax practically baby car seat safety stands we use today and absolutely goes above and beyond when considering user ergonomics. If you buy the britax product line through amazon rather than to a retail store, the cost is comparable to the other brands of lesser quality.

Here are some cons and pros of the Britax B-Safe

Britax B-Safe Infant Car Seat


  • Sunshade is kind of small and doesn’t cover baby’s face well
  • The handle could be more ergonomic, there is not comfortable way to carry it.
  • Baby gets very hot and sweaty in the car seat
  • No head support so we bought a noggin nest type thing to keep his head upright
  • Not easy to use without the base, difficult to buckle with seatbelt and didn’t seem very secure.


  • Love the safety of Britax car seat
  • Easily clicks in and out of the base
  • A little lighter and small then the chaperone
  • Works with B-ready stroller
  • Easy to adjustable Hight
  • Easy to buckle baby in the seat
  • Baby fits until 32 inches tall which is a little larger than some other car seat so you can take it longer

See what some of the other people saying about this great seat!

My baby has enough space without feeling really crammed like it was with my other baby and Chicco car seat – Natalia

My baby like this car seat, she looks comfortable and always fall asleep whenever we go. This is also very continent to use – Moon-Hawn

I got this after much though and juggling between infant car seat and convertible car seat. Fits well with my britax b agile stroller – puja Jain

Looks great baby fits okay but I had to put the straps up to the second holes bringing baby home from the hospital 0 and I do not heave big babies – Kristen